The Dutch-Mongolian Mongolian phrase book is the first book in the Netherlands for people who want to learn the Mongolian language and want to travel To Mongolia.



Author Tuya Sodnom-Haarsma
Type illustrated Dutch-language Mongolian
Design D.Huizinga-Molom
Illustration and D. Huizinga-Molom
Editorial M.E.M.M. Huizinga
Pages 208 Dimensions 12 x 149 x110 mm
Weight 154.00 grams
Press first ISBN 978-90-819475-0-3
Price € 24.95
This phrase is the solution in different situations. The user finds the dialogues simple sentences in the two languages (Dutch and Mongolian) with Dutch transcription of the Cyrillic alphabet. The phrase also gives a good insight into the Mongolian grammar. You will see that we always let the Dutch phrase (bold) followed by the Mongolian translation and then by a line (in italics) in which we view the decision as well as possible. Display the correct pronunciation in a readily understandable way is very difficult, and you will find that you only the best learn to speak the language. By listening to the pronunciation of Mongolian people well This phrase is divided into several chapters that are as view many situations that you may encounter when traveling: border control, the journey across the countryside, stay, visiting a nomadic family, medical and technical assistance, visiting a bank or post office, shopping. For each topic we give some brief background information and tips. You will also find a number of dictionaries Dutch-Mongolian to. Some words are illustrated with the aid of illustrations, photographs or outline drawings, for example, the ger, nomads, horses, short daily life. For your order please call Tuya (06) 51 84 86 48 or (0511) 46 24 04 Taalgids.pdf download. For more information, please send email to Tuya or form can also send a message through my contact Below you can see examples.

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