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Are you an entrepreneur or have a company (companies) with local partners in Mongolia to cooperate?

You know that the Netherlands is the second largest inversteerder in Mongolia?

Do you have a plan to exotic Mongolia an adventurous voyage?

  • Inter Do you have a new world to emerging economic
  • Are you a business in Mongolia and you have little or no information about Mongolia?
  • Would you like a market overview and information on the current situation of Mongolia collect?
  • Do you have a plan to market innovation Asia and Mongolia
  • Go on economic and social development in Mongolia investigate
  • Are you looking for opportunities to cooperate with local businesses in Mongolia
  • Inter Do you have a project that may be eligible for government programs aimed at Dutch Dutch companies
  • Do you have a plan set up their own business in Mongolia
  • Are you a travel of Mongolia necessary
  • If you want a specific culture of Mongolia know
  • Do you have a language training and language support needed


Then switch Sodnom in!

I'm Tuya Sodnom-Haarsma, intermediate, and I can help you acquainted everything about Mongolia and give a personal travel and language advice.

I offer you a trusted, seasoned partner and promoting a strong community to growth and innovation to help in Mongolia.
I have over 30 years experience in busness field in various countries including Mongolia, Russia, China, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Through my broad network in Mongolia I am able to offer you a wide range of projects of Mongolian SMEs to offer.
You can use me with local entrepreneurs connect directly.

My mission is to support Dutch companies that are committed to the establishment of their business or operations in Mongolia by helping determine their market access strategy and the best partners to that position in the Mongolian market to realize find.

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