Want pioneer in the Mongolian market as Dutch entrepreneur, please contact me.
I can help you with:

     comprehensive data on the innovation of Mongolian companies information
     arrange a direct connection with local entrepreneurs in Mongolia

a private company or joint company to be established in Mongolia
Do you want an adventurous journey to Mongolia plans, please feel free to contact me.
I can;

     comprehensive travel information of Mongolia deliver
     provide a detailed information about the specific culture of Mongolia

Do you want to know something specific about the culture and language of Mongolia?
Then I can offer you:

     a phrase Dutch-Mongolian (first in the market)
     a Mongolian language training with extensive choice

  Want the financial records of your own business in order?
Then I can for you

      all sales invoices drawing
      checking and posting of purchase invoices and bank statements
      accounts payable and accounts receivable monitoring
      declaration DB do
      various reports and month end preparation
      all other activities do

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